Cologne That Smells Like Mahogany Teakwood

cologne that smells like mahogany teakwoodCologne that smells like mahogany teakwood is a very sexy masculine fragrance on a man. Mahogany has an unusual and peculiar fragrance that stands out on its own. Mahogany has a lot of different descriptions used to describe it as an aroma. It’s a very rich, deep, exotic, warm and welcoming woodsy fragrance. There’s a hint of spice in mahogany that’s very subtle to the nose.

Mahogany teakwood is a very beautiful hardwood with a reddish-brown appearance. It’s used to make furniture, and has a beautiful shine when polished. Most home owners that have new mahogany floors, can instantly smell that pleasant woody smell. It’s a very comforting aroma to the nose. It makes a very comforting, welcoming, and pleasing smelling fragrance in men’s cologne. Mahogany teakwood is often a middle note in fragrances, but sometimes it’s also a base note.

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Cologne That Smells Like Pine Trees

cologne that smells like pine treesCologne that smells like pine trees gives a very fetching smell. Everyone is familiar with the smell of pine. Pine is a very exclusive and unique aroma that stands out on its own. Pine goes very nicely as a fragrance in men’s cologne. It’s a very masculine aroma that comes across as attractive. Pine can bring out the sensual side in a man too.

The pine needles provide a woody smell that’s quite strong in its odor. Pine is often complemented with other woody fragrances. It’s quite common as a middle note. Pine adds more of a bite, and can come across as a bit spicy. This is a very masculine and sexy men’s fragrance that complements other woody fragrances, along with citrus aromas.

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Cologne That Smells Like Chocolate

cologne that smells like chocolateCologne that smells like chocolate is very unusual as a fragrance. Chocolate has a very rich, favorable, and sweet aroma. Everyone is familiar with chocolate as a sweet. It’s arguably the world’s favorite sweet.  It’s hard not to love chocolate as a desert. Chocolate isn’t just delicious to eat, it also captures a deep, exotic and exciting smell. The smell of chocolate brings back memories of youth for many people like myself. Chocolate might seem like an usual fragrance for men to wear. However, it’s a type of fragrance that smells surprisingly nice on men.

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Cologne with Lime Citrus Fragrances

cologne with lime citrus fragrancesCologne with lime citrus fragrances gives you a light fragrance. Citrus fragrances are very popular in men’s cologne as top notes. These are the fragrances you first smell when spraying onto the body. Citrus fragrances add a lot to cologne. They are very light, subtle, and not overpowering fragrances. They’re often described as fresh smelling fragrances. Citrus isn’t just a fruity fragrance, it has more of a bite to it.

Lime is a fruit we’re all well aware of. It has a very sour taste and smell. It’s very refreshing to the nose. Lime is sweeter than lemon, and also a lot more powerful as a fragrance. It grows in the warmer climates of North America and South America. Lime might have a funky sour taste to it, but as a fragrance it smells quite nice combined with other citrus fragrances.

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Cologne with Amber Fragrances

cologne with amber fragrancesCologne with amber fragrances can smell very sexy on a man. Amber is a fragrance that adds a tender and benevolent touch. Colognes can be used to bring out a lot of different types of qualities in a man. Amber is sweet, cozy, and warm as an odor. It’s known as an oriental note. It can be found in both men’s colognes and women’s perfumes. The added sweetness can bring a comforting quality to a fragrance. Amber can sometimes be referred to as harden honey.

Amber is a resin that comes from fossilized trees. It’s been around since the dinosaurs. Amber is millions of years old, the oldest going back 345 million years ago. This fossilized resin is very rare. Along with being a fragrance in perfumes and colognes, amber is used in folk medicine, and as jewelry.

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Unique Smelling Cologne with Vetiver

unique smelling cologne with vetiverUnique smelling cologne with vetiver will let you stand out in a crowd. Most men wear cologne, but a fragrance that stands out will set you apart. It’s easy finding a good smelling cologne to wear. There are plenty of very pleasing smelling fragrances, but unique and different can be more challenging to find.
Unique smelling fragrances get the attention of others. If you’re trying to make an impression on significant others, vetiver is one of many fragrances that can do that for you.

Vetiver comes from Eastern Asian. It’s a weed grass that’s categorized as a woody fragrance. It has a bitter chocolate, with smoke facets, dry, musty, and woody scent. Vetiver has an earthy smell that’s very masculine and unique. Vetiver can also be described as having a green smell. It’s a very deep and sophisticated fragrance.

Vetiver is a woody fragrance that’s masculine on men. Vetiver can work as a middle fragrance note, or a base note. Let’s take a closer look at the best unique smelling men’s cologne featuring the fragrance note vetiver.

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Masculine Cologne for Men with Cedar

masculine cologne for men with cedarMasculine cologne for men with cedar gives a very pleasant woodsy fragrance. Cedar is often a popular base note found in a lot of popular men’s colognes. Cedar gives a woody, masculine, subtle, calming and desirable aroma. Cedar works well with other woody fragrances like sandalwood and patchouli. Cedar also works particularly well with citrus fragrances. Citrus fragrances open up the cologne, then cedar extends the fragrance with a calmer, masculine, and deeper aroma.

The sober woody note comes from either Morocco, located in the Atlas Mountain, or Virginia. Cedar is commonly used to build floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture. Most people are familiar with the wood cedar, and the smell it has. When you add that into a cologne, it does smell very nice as a fragrance for men to wear. Let’s take a look at the best smelling men’s colognes that feature cedar as a fragrance.

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Lavender Smelling Cologne for Men

lavender smelling cologne for menLavender smelling cologne for men is a very comforting and sweet fragrance to wear. Lavender is a flowering plant that’s part of the mint family. The fragrance is often described as an aromatic clean note, with a hint of licorice. Lavender is very soothing, relaxing, and has been used for therapeutic properties over the years. Lavender can be sweet, sharp, and aromatic. Lavender can also have a floral and nature smell to it. Lavender is a fragrance that can be used in both men’s and women’s fragrances. It’s more commonly found in women’s perfumes, but some men colognes also feature lavender.

Lavender is a good complementary fragrance that works well with all kinds of fragrance notes. Lavender alone can sometimes stand out in cologne, but usually its better served complementing other fragrance notes. Lavender is a really nice added touch since it is sweet, calming, charming and strong. Down below I have some of the most irresistible lavender fragrances that can be found in men’s cologne.

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Good Smelling Cologne with Blueberry

good smelling cologne with blueberryGood smelling cologne with blueberry brings a refreshing and fruity fragrance to men. Blueberry has a sweetness and tartness odor. Everyone knows about the fruit blueberry. It might be the healthiest fruit on the plant. It’s rich in minerals and vitamins. Blueberry is very high in fiber, and doesn’t contain a ton of sugar like other fruits. Blueberry works as a healthy snack, and as a pleasing smelling fragrance.

Blueberry can be found in men’s cologne as a top fragrance note. A good smelling cologne can first start off fresh, fruity, citrus, and even a little sweet. You don’t often find blueberry in men’s cologne, but sometimes it’s nice to have something different. Blueberry won’t be the base smell of the cologne, but just a touch of it can really make a cologne standout as a fragrance. Let’s take a look at the best blueberry fragrances that can be found in men’s cologne.

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Best Smelling Mens Cologne with Grapefruit

best smelling mens cologne with grapefruiThe best smelling mens cologne with grapefruit adds a citrus fragrance. Grapefruit sometimes is confused with lemon as a citrus fruit. It has a very tart and tangy smell. Grapefruit is often used as a top note in colognes. It’s got an uplifting smell, and a very eloquent aroma. Grapefruit is one of the strongest smelling top notes used in fragrances.

It’s often featured as a popular citrus fragrance in women’s perfume. Grapefruit can still add a sophisticated and striking touch in mens cologne. Citrus fragrances are very popular to use as the opening notes in cologne. The fruity smells capture lighter, subtler, cleaner, and refreshing qualities on a man. Tangy and sweet, grapefruit is sometimes described as a sweeter orange. Let’s take a look at some of the best mens smelling colognes that feature the citrus fragrance of grapefruit.

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