Best Cologne for Men That Smells Exotic

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best cologne for men tat smells exotic and sexy 223x300 Best Cologne for Men That Smells Exotic The best cologne for men that smells exotic and sexy will turn female heads your way. A guy that can smell good is one thing. But a guy that can smell incredibly exotic, while still being incredibly masculine is very attractive to a woman. A lot of men get it backwards when it comes to women. Ask any girl you know, and most will tell you they are absolutely attracted to a man who smells really good. In fact, there have been studies done that show women being more attracted to men that wear cologne, compared to men that don’t.

So if you’re looking to score a hot date, or there is a specific girl you have in mind. In this article, I will go over the most exotic, sexy, bold, and unique colognes that men of all ages can wear. Don’t think you can get away with spending little money on these type of colognes. A good smelling cologne doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot. But if you’re looking for the most unusual, longest-lasting, and irresistible smelling fragrances, then don’t hesitate to spend a little extra money. Believe me, it’s worth it if you’re looking to stand out in a crowd.

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Best Men’s Fragrances for Winter

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best mens fragrances for winter 300x300 Best Mens Fragrances for WinterThe best men’s fragrances for winter captures a powerful, long-lasting, and strong scent in its cologne. Winter is the time of the year to wear these strong and lasting colognes with a good longevity. During the winter, the climate obviously changes. The air becomes older and our body reacts differently to climate change. A stronger, longer, and heavier fragrance works much better in cold climate weather.

A cologne that smells good is obviously very important, but a cologne that’s not strong enough to be smelled on you, kind of defeats the purpose of the quality of its scent. So for winter, we are going to glance at the best-of-the-best when it comes to colognes that can be worn throughout the coldest seasons.

Winter colognes are the most popular to wear, but the prices can also begin to go up too. So be prepared to spend at least some money on a really quality winter cologne that will last long. Most of the time you want to stick to heavy fragrances like woody scents. Most colognes marketed toward winter have these as their base notes. These are good heavy based fragrances that last a long time. They’re strong and they provide an irresistible masculine sexy quality in a guy.

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Best Men’s Cologne for Smokers

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best mens cologne for smokers 300x300 Best Mens Cologne for SmokersThe best men’s cologne for smokers is a fragrance that’s strong, pleasant, and won’t allow smoking to interfere with its fragrance. When I think colognes that work well on smokers, I think of ones with good longevity and silage. I’m a smoker myself, and for the most part, I never found cologne to interfere. Most cologne fragrances are strong enough to mask the smell of smoke. Being a smoker can be a disgusting habit. Smoke clings to the clothes, to the skin, and can smell very unpleasant.

No one wants to literally smell like an ashtray. The easy solution would be to quit, but tobacco addiction can be hard for many to overcome. So for heavy smokers, I have listed some of the best colognes that work well with smoking. Some of these colognes can help to disguise smoke on you as well. You shouldn’t have a problem smelling pleasing, masculine, and alluring to those in your company.

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Best Smelling Cologne for Boyfriends

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best smelling cologne for boyfriends 300x226 Best Smelling Cologne for BoyfriendsThe best smelling cologne for boyfriends can capture that essence of maturity, romance, and masculinity in a guy. Cologne makes for a great gift idea to consider for men. Most men do wear cologne. A good smelling cologne captures attraction in a lot of women. If he has a birthday coming up, or Christmas is right around the corner, then I would think cologne would make a nice gift idea for him. The next time you two decide to head out for the evening, having him wearing a new signature fragrance can make the evening more memorable.

It’s one thing for a woman to like how a cologne smells on a guy, but he himself has to feel masculine enough when wearing this fragrance in public. Guys like to feel like men. We don’t like those overly bearing citrus fragrance smells. So being a man myself, I have listed 5 of the best types of fragrances that you’ll appreciate on your boyfriend. He will also feel masculine enough to wear these types of cologne in public.

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Tuscan Leather Cologne Smells Pretty Good

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tuscan leather cologne 300x300 Tuscan Leather Cologne Smells Pretty GoodTuscan leather cologne smells pretty good on men and women according to many happy customers. This might be the most expensive fragrance I’ve ever seen on the market too. A lot of people are talking about the Tuscan Leather fragrance made by Tom Ford. This is a fragrance like nothing else you’ll find on the market. It’s a unisex fragrance that can be worn as a perfume for women, or a cologne for men. It’s definitely something you wear only on special occasions. Given how expensive this fragrance is you definitely wouldn’t want to wear it every single day.

I will discuss the Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. The price might be too high for many customers. Where there’s a very unique, different, and alluring fragrance usually comes with a high price tag.

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Best Classic Men’s Smelling Cologne

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classic mens smelling cologne1 300x300 Best Classic Mens Smelling CologneThe best classic men’s smelling cologne is still among the most popular signature fragrances on the market. Cologne has been around for a long time. Over the years it has evolved a bit more. Just because a cologne is old, doesn’t mean it still can’t be worn today. In fact, the older the cologne is then the better it likely smells. Classic colognes that were introduced in the 60s or 70s that are still selling today must be pretty popular smelling fragrances.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of classic smelling fragrances that maybe your father or grandpa would wear are ones with woody smells. A woody fragrance is very mature, masculine, and appealing. In this article, I will discuss some of the most popular classic colognes that men to this day still love to wear.

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Sweet and Manly Smelling Cologne for Men

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sweet and manly smelling cologne1 300x300 Sweet and Manly Smelling Cologne for MenSweet and manly smelling cologne for men can go well together. A smell that’s sweet, sophisticated, alluring, yet masculine makes for a very attractive smell. In fact, this is one of the secrets to attracting beautiful women into your life. Wearing a sweet but manly smell won’t be mistaken as a perfume either. When combing vanilla like fragrances, and an oriental sweet fragrance, along with woody essential oils you’ll have a very alluring signature cologne on you.

Sweet smelling cologne for men doesn’t have to strip you of your integrity as a guy. These colognes are for romantic men that are ready to steal a lovely woman’s heart away. So if you’re ready to be that sweet, romantic, charming and alluring kind of guy then let’s take a look at some of the best sweet but manly smelling colognes for men to wear.

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The Best Cologne for Men Ever

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the best cologne for men ever1 300x178 The Best Cologne for Men EverWhat is the best cologne for men ever to be worn? Obviously that answer is going to be subjective, and it can be hard to pinpoint the exact answer. I think of the answer like this, there might be different colognes that might be the best we’ve ever worn when it comes to us personally. It’s more a personal experience than a definitive answer. For example, maybe your new and desired cologne attracts that special girl in your life. Maybe your future wife for example. That would probably qualify as the best cologne ever for you, right?

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Bacon Scented Cologne for Men

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bacon 300x164 Bacon Scented Cologne for MenBacon scented cologne for men offers a unique kind of smelling fragrance to wear. We’re all familiar with bacon. It’s one of the most delicious eating foods for breakfast. There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon. It’s something many people can relate to. Bacon is most noticeable for its pleasant smell. The smell of crackling cooked bacon is even more noticeable than its taste.

Since, bacon smells so good it makes sense why it could work as a fragrance. Americans are obsessed with the smell of bacon. It has now been introduced as a fragrance that both men and women can wear daily.

Now, no one literally wants to smell exactly like bacon. What I mean is you don’t want to smell like meat, right? That sizzling crackling smell of bacon is what is alluring, and adds just the right kind of touch when it comes to a very attractive aroma.

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Bond 9 Cologne for Men

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bond 9 cologne for men1 300x300 Bond 9 Cologne for Men Bond 9 cologne for men is very expensive in price, and also rich in fragrance. Bond number 9 is a fragrance brand based in New York that produces unisex fragrances for both women and men. A lot of their fragrances are centered around New York themes.

The fragrances are known to be very expensive, but extremely different in scent. It’s often described as being either a cologne or perfume, whichever way you look at it. Women wear it, men wear it, but regardless what gender it appeals to the fragrances are like nothing else on the market.

Whether you should wear it really depends what you’re looking for. If you are looking for something that’s different, rich, long-lasting, and sophisticated then this type of fragrance might be for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best bond 9 fragrances that a man can wear.

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