Popular Men’s Cologne with Whiskey

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popular mens cologne that smells like whisky 300x198 Popular Mens Cologne with WhiskeyPopular men’s cologne with whiskey might seem a bit peculiar to wear. Although it might seem strange to wear, it does work as a fragrance in men’s cologne. Whiskey brings a very unusual, unique, and alluring smell on a man. Smelling like whiskey usually implies one is drunk. However, colognes that are combined with different fragrances make for a strikingly pleasant smell. Whiskey when combined with other fragrances adds that vigorous quality we all look for in colognes.

Whiskey has a very deep and complex odor profile. It can have a hint of sweetness, citrus fruitiness, while coming off as a mild spice. It’s a sophisticated fragrance that’s deep, warm, and has a trace of an oriental and woody characteristic aroma to it.

Whiskey most noticeably works well with tobacco. I don’t mean drinking whiskey at a bar, while smoking tobacco either. Ironically, both of these fragrances complement one another really well on a man. This adds that masculinity and sweetness that smells really nice on a man.

Let’s take a closer look at what some of the best men’s colognes that features whiskey can do as a fragrance.

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Coffee Smelling Cologne for Men That Make Panties Drop

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coffee smelling cologne for men 300x199 Coffee Smelling Cologne for Men That Make Panties DropCoffee smelling cologne for men that make panties drop shouldn’t give you second thoughts when it comes to choosing the right fragrance. Every man wants to wear a cologne that’s so attractive that it literally turns on the opposite sex when wearing. Isn’t that what it’s all about when wearing cologne? The smell of coffee is very distinctive and rich. It’s an aroma we’re all familiar with. There’s nothing quite like the smell of coffee. Coffee has a very deep, rich, masculine, and exotic smell to it when worn as a cologne.

I like to think coffee used in fragrances adds more of sophisticated touch. I will go over the absolute best coffee smelling colognes that add some unique aromas that capture the attention of women. These are the type of fragrances that will make you feel more confident when you are out in public. Continue reading

Top Colognes for Men with Cinnamon

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top colognes for men with cinnamon 300x300 Top Colognes for Men with CinnamonTop colognes for men with cinnamon adds sweet and spicy fragrances. Cinnamon is a household spice that most people own in their home. It’s very sweet and delicious as a spice. Cinnamon doesn’t just taste well, but it makes for a great fragrance to wear. The spice cinnamon has been used since 2000 BC by the Egyptians. There’s almost no stoppage of what cinnamon can be used for.

For men, you can’t go wrong with choosing a cologne that has a hint of cinnamon in it. Cinnamon is one of the few very masculine but sweet smells you’ll find in men’s cologne. In this article, I will go over the very best cinnamon fragrances that men can wear. These colognes are romantic, sweet, tender, and work very well if you’re going to take a girl on a date.

Sweet and spicy smelling colognes have become very desirable to women. Women love sweet smells, so it’s never a bad thing if your cologne smells a little sweet too. Don’t worry, these colognes I have listed will still smell masculine on a man.

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Best Colognes for Men with Vanilla

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best colognes for men with vanilla 234x300 Best Colognes for Men with VanillaThe best colognes for men with vanilla adds more of distinctive kind of smell to a man. Vanilla is quite popular in the world of colognes and perfumes. It’s used in a lot of different fragrances, and even men can wear vanilla. It has a sweet smell that is very comforting to the nose. Vanilla is a smell everyone is familiar with. Any time we smell vanilla we’re instantly reminded of our favorite sweets and treats. Who doesn’t love vanilla? Whether it’d be the smell, or taste of it.

Vanilla definitely captures more of a romantic essence as a fragrance that’s sweet, cozy, and vibrant. This scent can compliment you as a fragrance of desire. When I think of vanilla on men, it has to be complimented with the right kind of fragrances. After all, vanilla can seem too feminine as a scent if it stands out too much on its own.

Even though it’s more commonly worn on women, when vanilla is used with the right fragrances on men, it can have an almost irresistible and sexy smell on a guy. So do not be shy in thinking vanilla will make you smell less manly. It can actually bring out more attraction in a guy. So I will dive into this, and come up with the best vanilla smelling colognes that are manly enough to wear.

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Best Men’s Fragrances with Coconut

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best mens fragrances with coconut 300x200 Best Mens Fragrances with Coconut Coconut comes from the coconut tree that’s a member of the Arecaceae family. Coconut is known as a food, and processed into an oil, but it also has many other uses. Coconut is used in a lot of cosmetic products for the skin. Coconut can also be found in colognes and perfumes. Coconut comes from exotic and very warm climates.

The smell of a coconut is very distinctive and stands out on its own. I’ve always enjoyed how coconut smells because it’s very noticeable, pleasant, but without being overwhelming at the same time too. Coconut is commonly found in perfumes, but guys too can wear these fragrances. I know being a man, you want to smell masculine. Coconut might seem a little too feminine for some guys. But coconut has a very milk warm sweetness that’s subtle.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing sweeter fragrances like coconut. In fact, many women are attracted to guys that do wear fragrances that smell like coconut. I used to apply coconut oil all over my skin, and I would get many compliments on how well I smell. So, I will go over some of the best fragrances with coconut that would smell pleasant on a man .

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Best Cologne for Men That Smells Exotic

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best cologne for men tat smells exotic and sexy 223x300 Best Cologne for Men That Smells Exotic The best cologne for men that smells exotic and sexy will turn female heads your way. A guy that can smell good is one thing. But a guy that can smell incredibly exotic, while still being incredibly masculine is very attractive to a woman. A lot of men get it backwards when it comes to women. Ask any girl you know, and most will tell you they are absolutely attracted to a man who smells really good. In fact, there have been studies done that show women being more attracted to men that wear cologne, compared to men that don’t.

So if you’re looking to score a hot date, or there is a specific girl you have in mind. In this article, I will go over the most exotic, sexy, bold, and unique colognes that men of all ages can wear. Don’t think you can get away with spending little money on these type of colognes. A good smelling cologne doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot. But if you’re looking for the most unusual, longest-lasting, and irresistible smelling fragrances, then don’t hesitate to spend a little extra money. Believe me, it’s worth it if you’re looking to stand out in a crowd.

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Best Men’s Fragrances for Winter

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best mens fragrances for winter 300x300 Best Mens Fragrances for WinterThe best men’s fragrances for winter captures a powerful, long-lasting, and strong scent in its cologne. Winter is the time of the year to wear these strong and lasting colognes with a good longevity. During the winter, the climate obviously changes. The air becomes older and our body reacts differently to climate change. A stronger, longer, and heavier fragrance works much better in cold climate weather.

A cologne that smells good is obviously very important, but a cologne that’s not strong enough to be smelled on you, kind of defeats the purpose of the quality of its scent. So for winter, we are going to glance at the best-of-the-best when it comes to colognes that can be worn throughout the coldest seasons.

Winter colognes are the most popular to wear, but the prices can also begin to go up too. So be prepared to spend at least some money on a really quality winter cologne that will last long. Most of the time you want to stick to heavy fragrances like woody scents. Most colognes marketed toward winter have these as their base notes. These are good heavy based fragrances that last a long time. They’re strong and they provide an irresistible masculine sexy quality in a guy.

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Best Men’s Cologne for Smokers

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best mens cologne for smokers 300x300 Best Mens Cologne for SmokersThe best men’s cologne for smokers is a fragrance that’s strong, pleasant, and won’t allow smoking to interfere with its fragrance. When I think colognes that work well on smokers, I think of ones with good longevity and silage. I’m a smoker myself, and for the most part, I never found cologne to interfere. Most cologne fragrances are strong enough to mask the smell of smoke. Being a smoker can be a disgusting habit. Smoke clings to the clothes, to the skin, and can smell very unpleasant.

No one wants to literally smell like an ashtray. The easy solution would be to quit, but tobacco addiction can be hard for many to overcome. So for heavy smokers, I have listed some of the best colognes that work well with smoking. Some of these colognes can help to disguise smoke on you as well. You shouldn’t have a problem smelling pleasing, masculine, and alluring to those in your company.

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Best Smelling Cologne for Boyfriends

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best smelling cologne for boyfriends 300x226 Best Smelling Cologne for BoyfriendsThe best smelling cologne for boyfriends can capture that essence of maturity, romance, and masculinity in a guy. Cologne makes for a great gift idea to consider for men. Most men do wear cologne. A good smelling cologne captures attraction in a lot of women. If he has a birthday coming up, or Christmas is right around the corner, then I would think cologne would make a nice gift idea for him. The next time you two decide to head out for the evening, having him wearing a new signature fragrance can make the evening more memorable.

It’s one thing for a woman to like how a cologne smells on a guy, but he himself has to feel masculine enough when wearing this fragrance in public. Guys like to feel like men. We don’t like those overly bearing citrus fragrance smells. So being a man myself, I have listed 5 of the best types of fragrances that you’ll appreciate on your boyfriend. He will also feel masculine enough to wear these types of cologne in public.

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Tuscan Leather Cologne Smells Pretty Good

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tuscan leather cologne 300x300 Tuscan Leather Cologne Smells Pretty GoodTuscan leather cologne smells pretty good on men and women according to many happy customers. This might be the most expensive fragrance I’ve ever seen on the market too. A lot of people are talking about the Tuscan Leather fragrance made by Tom Ford. This is a fragrance like nothing else you’ll find on the market. It’s a unisex fragrance that can be worn as a perfume for women, or a cologne for men. It’s definitely something you wear only on special occasions. Given how expensive this fragrance is you definitely wouldn’t want to wear it every single day.

I will discuss the Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. The price might be too high for many customers. Where there’s a very unique, different, and alluring fragrance usually comes with a high price tag.

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